Members of European Parliament (MEPs): a full (twitter) list

by @raimondiand


By CherryX per Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0,


You can find here a full list of MEPs. The list is available as a spreadsheet as well as twitter list.

The spreadsheet contains the name of each MEP, its political affiliation, country and the twitter account.

Among 751 MEPs, 133 don’t have a twitter account, 4 have their official accounts set as private (notably: BALZ Burkhard, FINCH Raymond, GAHLER Michael, ZÁBORSKÁ Anna)


18/09/16 –  A new spreadsheet is now available here thanks to ThinkingAboutEU (thank you very much, I owe you a drink).The list now contains 647 twitter accounts.


How to use it

Research purpose: you can analyze by performing SNA (Social Network Analysis) over MEPs. You can then check how they connect to each other, what they share and read, their political activities (do remember that Twitter is a symmetric graph. NodeXL works just fine for low volume of graph data such as this list).

Journo: you can follow the twitter list for a real-time information flow about MEPs and EU parliament activities. Please, in case you interview a MEP do consider to ask him whether he can allows users to send them private message without the need to follow them.

Political Activity: there are a number of ways in which the list can be used. First, using the list to help people ask MEPs about particular issues debated in Parliament. Stop-ttip is Protect Whistleblowers – tweet your MEP are two examples among many. If your main purpose is lobbying MEPs for a particular cause, please consider to use this updated list for your project. It would also be nice to press the 4 MEPs with private profile to open the conversation.


Why I’m doing this

Because there are no goodMEPs twitter list/raw spreasheet around and because we need it.


technical notes:

The MEPs list is available here as XML. Name, country and political affiliation have been parsed from the aforementioned dataset. The twitter usernames have been obtained  via twitter API. An further parse on “description” level has been performed so to check the consistency of correspondence between username and MEP name. I also double check the list using stop-TTIP spreadsheet available here (for stop-TTIP people out there, your list wasn’t that shiny, there were 200 missing accounts, 31 wrong twitter account and a number of missing MEPs. Please do consider to update your list or shift to this one). The rest is human work.

I am not omniscient nor I have unlimited time. The spreadsheet lack 133 twitter accounts, 5 more entries than the official MEPs number, 10 missing political affiliations, 1 missing nationality.

The spreadsheet privacy settings allows you to comment. Feel free to suggest any revision. I will revise your comment and modify accordingly. I’ll be happy to offer you a drink for your contribution. Just send me an email (look at About Me section) and in case I’ll be around your location I will ping you back.

Wikipedia page on Members of European Parliament has been modified accordingly (currently under review).