I’m Andrea. I spend most of my time doing philosophy, entrepreneurship and activism.

I am currently a PhD student in Metaphysics at the University of Nottingham. I work on the ontology of powers, the metaphysics of properties and modality. I’m also cofounder of OSD, a company devoted to open data and build better data-market ecosystem through open business models. Here’s what we deliver. From time to time, you will see me discuss business strategies, opendata and open knowledge. More on my former professional activities in these fields here.

I mostly enjoy discussing topic that I consider relevant in understanding social phenomena and social world more in general: how to ground human rights; what are surveillance strategies and what is their impact on powers’ structures; what is mental illness and what psychosis can tell us about the mind; the ethics and philosophy of technology; political philosophy and the philosophy of law.

For confidential communication please use PGP or OTR chats (deshi@jabber.ccc.de)

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Where am I by the way? 

I take this space to be a public shooting range. I invite you to do the same. These are just raw thoughts, do not expect any magic bullet. What you can expect from me is to try hard to improve my gunpoint. What I can expect from you is to help improve any line of fire you consider worthy. I’m not the target, problems are.

Who are the wooden people?

I’ll explain, maybe in the future, maybe here (if you like reading as much as I do, you probably already figured it out)