Style takes its final shape more from attitudes of the mind than from principles of composition.
(“The Element of Style”, W.Strunk & E.B.White)



I offer editing service for books, reports, and papers. Editing is about helping the author to express, refine and convey ideas in an adequate and effective way, and producing a consistent and correct manuscript. My goal is to contribute and improve the quality of your  work.

What you can expect: a professional analysis of your work (strengths and weaknesses), and the required textual interventions to improve the quality of the manuscript while respecting the author’s peculiar style.

Service includes: text and references formatting, checking and correcting your grammar (Italian and English), proofreading for typographic mistakes, checking stylistic and composition mistakes, highlighting unclear parts and suggesting improvements.

What I deliver: the revised version of the manuscript; a report containing a) a summary of the work b) description of the major and minor issues c) list of editing interventions.

Prices: I charge 10  for every 1000 words for projects smaller than 50.000 words (~ 120 pages). I charge 8  for projects beyond 50.000 words. If you are a student I charge 8 .

How long does it takes: mainly depends on the quality of the manuscript. Usually I return manuscripts of up to 50.000 words in 5 days (10.000 a day). If you are in a hurry and need something sooner I’ll try to accommodate your request.

I’m a PhD student in Philosophy and entrepreneur at OSD. More about me here.

Contact me at:

If your manuscript contains confidential material you might want to use PGP or OTR chats (XMPP


Businesses fail, businesses die. Businesses fade into oblivion. Revolution never dies. So start a revolution, not a business.
(“Business for Punks”, J.Watt)


Change Management and Opendata


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I’m the cofounder of OSD, a company that delivers strategies and run projects of data reuse, making openness a core and sustainable element of business models. Whether you need a fully operational change management team or simply advises on how to accomplish a clear and compelling mission for your venture, you can find me at